Adventure Sail

Enjoy a rollicking day on the waters aboard a square-topsail schooner of days long past. Join the crew, hoist the sails, steer the ship, and fire the main battery of six-pounder carronades and experience first-hand, the life of an early 19th-century sailor. While underway, the ship’s crew will host several informal “learning stations” that will give a brief outline on early American history, and the important role Baltimore Clippers such as LYNX played during the War of 1812.

Climb aboard and step back in time as you relive history aboard an 1812 privateer. Join the crew and hoist the sails, steer the ship, fire the main battery of six-pounder carronades and experience first hand life aboard a traditional, square topsail schooner. Get ready to rumble as you and your kids take part in this unique, interactive sailing adventure.

Day sailing trips can be scheduled during port visits. Such trips are perfect opportunities for businesses, their employees or clients, individuals, families, adult or student groups and organizations. Lend a hand hoisting 5,000 square feet of sail, or just relax and enjoy the scenery. These interactive sails are a unique way to spend time with your family, friends or co-workers.

Groups are limited to no more than 40 passengers per trip.


Sunset Sail and Private Charters

Individuals, groups and organizations may charter the vessel for a three hour sunset sail.
Capacity is limited to 40 passengers.
Passengers may supply their own snacks and beverages or make arrangements with the office.
If meals are desired, passengers may consult with a dockside catering operation or make further arrangements with the office.
Only on extended cruises can Lynx prepare meals.


Coastal Passage and Offshore Voyage

Lynx transits from port to port throughout the year. Whether it is a romp down the Washington Coast or a gentle overnight sail under the stars, these one to six day passages are perfect for anyone looking to experience something different.These cruises teach the basics of sail training.

Lynx offers a limited number of opportunities for guest crew to sign on board and experience offshore sailing on a Tall Ship.

These voyages are for the true adventurer willing to leave the modern world behind and embark on a high seas adventure. These voyages can be tailored to the sailor interested in passage planning, basic piloting and celestial navigation, mechanical systems, and weather observation.


Dockside Tour

Once you step on board the LYNX, you’ll be taking a giant step back in time. You will learn first hand, the important role that Privateers played during the War of 1812. As you walk these decks of history, the crew of the LYNX will explain the Privateer concept and what the day-to-day life of a Privateer was like. Relax, stay as long as you like and investigate every part of this unique living history museum. This is truly an educational experience that is fun for children as well as adults. Once you’ve taken the dockside tour, you will surely want to sign on for a Adventure sail.


Team Building Program

Team work builds team confidence. And team confidence builds team success. The knowledge to prevail at sea almost 200 years ago has been adapted to the demands needed to succeed in today’s business world.

By experiencing the obligations and duties of an 1812 privateer crew, employees and management can see how team cooperation, understanding, responsibility, vision and rapid response can be applied to answer the challenges corporations and businesses face every day.

Read our Corporate Guest Log to hear what others have to say about the Lynx effect and how it has affected their businesses and their lives.



Film Charters

With advance notice, Lynx may be chartered for commercials and film work.




For information on Lynx tours, voyages, charters, sailing programs, job opportunities and merchandise email The Tall Ship Lynx at: peacock@tallshiplynx.comĀ  or 978.479.2197.

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