Our sponsors


“Our sponsors have made a commitment to further the mission and experience of Privateer Lynx. Through their generosity more people will have access to the decks of America’s Privateer Lynx.

If you would like your company to be recognized as an official sponsor of the Tall Ship Lynx please contact us.


Corporate Sponsors



Walter & Susan Birge
Dennis & Elizabeth Cashman
Randolph Nichols
Alexander Diez
The John B. and Nelly Llanos Kilroy Foundation
Helga Riddle
John Daly
Lynn Ferrell
Jeanne Schneider
Jacob & Ruth Abraham
Joseph White
The Casa Audlon Charitable Lead Annuity Foundation
Mr & Mrs Bartram
Stephen & Michelle Grybowski
Donald Paule
Michael Dion
Stephen Frary
Thomas Hill Ward Foundation
James H Woods Foundation
Jacob Burkett
Kris Self
Sir Roy L. Morrow Rear Admiral, NSS
James H. Woods, Jr. Foundation
Barbara J. Lahood
Michael Dion
Clarence Barksdale
Joseph & Dorthy Burns
William Andersen
Smart Marine Services
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Dassler
Lynn Cramer
David Hainsworth
Wendy & Eric Schmidt
Randolph Nichols
Elizabeth Cashman
Jim & Phoebe Randall
Anne McAndrew
Sarane H Ross
George Yendrey
James Moffett
Joseph H White
Frank Atkinson
The Hermann Family Foundation
Jerrell Prince
James Winn
William Sherlund
Robert Kellock
Barron Hilton
Mike Maholchic
Brian Gill
Janet Goff
James Roberts
Anne Allen
Clarence Barksdale
Harvey Nobe Jr.
Tina Smith
Nancy Walton
John Barbieri
Susan Dayton
Rebecca Mansell
Michael Stitt
Joseph Polchlopek