Employment opportunities


Professional Crew

Are you interested in joining the crew aboard the Lynx? Here are some important facts you should know. Lynx is an accurate interpretation of the original Privateer Schooner of the same name and was launched on July 28, 2001 in Rockport, Maine. Investigate our site for additional ship information. The Lynx is a very special vessel with a noble mission. In her primary role, Lynx acts as a dynamic educational platform for the Lynx Educational Foundation. The Lynx provides a unique opportunity for students to interact with their American History lessons and renders a hands-on experience. As a Lynx crewmember, you will play a key role in the education of children by helping them to understand what the life of a sailor was really like back in 1812. In addition, you’ll find yourself playing host to a wide variety of guests. Versatility is key here as young students, Boy Scouts, senior citizens, families, corporate trainees and other groups will eventually make their way aboard for various functions and training sessions. The Lynx crew position demands maritime skills as well as the necessary people skills to accommodate a wide variety of guests. Remember that you are dressed as an 1812 sailor and have a functioning role to play. If you are personable, outgoing and enjoy entertaining people, we would like to have you aboard. The operative words here are seamanship as well as showmanship. If the Lynx program is of interest to you and you think you are the right person to help us complete our mission goal, please download the PDF Employment Application file and follow the instructions to apply by mail. We look forward to hearing from you.


Volunteer Crew

We occasionally have positions available for motivated individuals that would like to volunteer their services as acting crew aboard the Lynx. If you have a special talent or other attribute to contribute while aboard, so much the better. You may check our calendar of upcoming events and trips and contact us if you are interested in volunteering. Volunteer positions may also be available during regularly scheduled educational programs.


Volunteer Staff

If you would like to contribute some of your time to the Tall Ship Lynx to further the mission of the Lynx, we invite you to contact us by sending an e-mail to info@tallshiplynx.org.


  For information on Lynx tours, voyages, charters, sailing programs, job opportunities and merchandise email The Tall Ship Lynx at: info@tallshiplynx.com or call 727-474-4727.